Nordic Bitter Lemon

Veen Nordic Bitter Lemon lets you experience the taste and aroma of freshly squeezed bitter lemons combined with a hint of Nordic sourced lingonberry.

Our lingonberries come from the untouched Finnish forests to guarantee the highest quality and pureness of taste.

A bitter combination of lemon and lingonberry served with an awesome red hue created with the smoothest spring water in the world as the base.

Taste Profile

Nordic Bitter Lemon unites bitter characters of fresh lemons and Finnish lingonberries. Served with a mesmerizing red hue thanks to the gently sparking spring water, the Nordic Bitter Lemon works beautifully as a sophisticated stand-alone drink when served with nothing but fresh lingonberries.

Reviving the Classic

Bitter Lemon is not a popular, new drink. In fact, it is one of the oldest mixer drinks, dating back to 1834. Our wish is to revive this disappearing drink, and bring it back on the drink lists around the globe.

“We stopped using Bitter Lemon years ago at A21 Bar. We’ve been using the lemon juice for acidity, and simply haven’t gotten excited enough by bitter lemon mixers out there. The fact they didn’t bring enough besides bitterness and lemon taste, really motivated us to push the flavour profile with the Nordic Bitter Lemon. We wanted to bring the Bitter Lemon back. And lingonberry showed us the path.”

Lingonberry: From Nature to Spirits

As last berries to ripen in autumn, lingonberries are picked in September, and are characterized by tartness and sourness.

Lingonberry found its way into the world of spirits & cocktails already in the 1960s, when the most popular cocktail in Finland was the Vodka-Puolukka (vodka combined with lingonberry juice) or as flavouring in the making of akvavit.

Nutritional Information (/100 ml)

  • energy
  • fat
  • of which saturated fat
  • carbohydrates
  • of which sugars
  • protein
  • fiber
  • salt
  • 148 kJ (34,4 kcal)
  • 0 g
  • 0 g
  • 8,9 g
  • 8,9 g
  • 0 g
  • 0 g
  • 0 g


Carbonated water, sugar, lemon juice from concentrate, lemon peel extract, acidulant: Citric acid, natural flavourings (including natural quinine), lingonberry juice from concentrate, natural colourings (concentrate of anthocyanins, lemon juice, safflower).

Contains quinine. All Ingredients are natural. No artificial sweeteners, flavorings or preservatives have been used.