VEEN Nordic Mixers

The smoothest water in the world with a hint of Nordic nature

Since we serve the smoothest water in the world, our friends at A21 Helsinki – nominated the world’s best bar – suggested that it would be only natural to use our water as a base to mix in drinks. Together with them, we went back to the forest, wandering and hand picking some great ingredients to create a range of craft mixers that reflect the purity and unique flavours of the Nordics.

Combining the smooth and soft VEEN spring water with natural Nordic flavours separates VEEN Nordic Mixers from anything else in the category. Each of the chosen ingredients has a unique story and tradition in Nordic culture and gives you the opportunity to get a touch of Nordic purity into your drink.

Nordic Tonic Water

We have created unique Nordic Tonic Water using the smoothest spring water in the world as the base.

meet nordic tonic water

Nordic Soda Water

VEEN Nordic Soda water is classic club soda water made with the smoothest spring water in the world and a touch of pure Nordic sourced pine extract from Finland.

meet nordic soda water

Nordic Ginger Ale

VEEN Nordic Ginger Ale is created using the smoothest spring water in the world as the base. Added to this are, only the best ginger oils combined with Nordic sourced cloudberry.

meet nordic ginger ale

Nordic Bitter Lemon

VEEN Nordic Bitter Lemon lets you experience the taste and aroma of freshly squeezed bitter lemons combined with a hint of Nordic sourced lingonberry.

meet nordic bitter lemon